Our team has been manufacturing fire testing equipment’s according to various national and international test methods Like EN 45545-2 test apparatus, EN 45545-2,BS 476 part 4, BS 476 part 6, BS 476 part 7, BS 476 Part 15, ISO 5658-2, ISO 5659-2, ISO 5660-1, ISO 9239-1, ISO 4589-2, ISO 11925-2, EN 13501-1, EN 13501-2, ASTM D2863, NCD 1409, NES 711, UIC 564-2, UIC 564 part 2 All appendix etc.. 

We have several products Like - Cone calorimeter test apparatus, Flooring Radiant Panel, Smoke Density and Toxicity Test Apparatus, LOI, Oxygen Index test apparatus, Spread of flame test apparatus, Fire propagation test apparatus, Non-Combustibility test apparatus, 45 Degree spread of flame test apparatus, UIC 564-2 Test apparatus, Visibility due to smoke test apparatus, Toxicity test apparatus as per NCD 1409 etc.  Which is used to test the fire performance of materials.

We also manufacture special purpose machines to Fulfil customer requirement. 

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